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Your microgreens are so easy to grow.  I think everyone should start growing them. It is easy, healthy and cheap! No need for farmland - just a place by the window. It is GMO-free and delicious to top it all.

Ruqxana, Founder & Food Sorceress, Cookery Magic Singapore

I don't have 'green fingers' but your starter kit came with great instructions and had everything I needed in it. My seeds started sprouting after 2 days!

Su Ling, Legal Professional


Join the millions of urban farmers who grow in their own homes

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5 Ways To Beat Global Warming Through Urban Farming

5 Ways To Beat Global Warming Through Urban Farming

Imagine a world without chocolate. That’s grim, right? That’s what we could be facing if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees. This is according to the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) in an eye-opening report released earlier this week.
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Going Green With Biodegradable Coir Planting Pots

Coir pots are highly sustainable because they are made from the fibrous body of the coconut and bound together by natural latex, and they are a good alternative to plastic pots. There are so many advantages to growing your plants using coir planting pots.

Reuse Your Plastic Containers To Grow Microgreens

Reuse Your Plastic Containers To Grow Microgreens

The next time you buy your fruit from the supermarket, don't discard the plastic containers they come in. Microgreens grow well in them, especially if they are flat and wide. I like repurposing the containers used for berries. These are small, not too deep, 10 x 10 cm containers, and are perfect to grow a small batch of microgreens. Here's how you can prepare your recycled containers for growing your microgreens.