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Your microgreens are so easy to grow.  I think everyone should start growing them. It is easy, healthy and cheap! No need for farmland - just a place by the window. It is GMO-free and delicious to top it all.

Ruqxana, Founder & Food Sorceress, Cookery Magic Singapore

I don't have 'green fingers' but your starter kit came with great instructions and had everything I needed in it. My seeds started sprouting after 2 days!

Su Ling, Legal Professional

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Start Growing Your Own Organic Mustard Leaves

Start Growing Your Own Organic Mustard Leaves

Mustard leaves are an easy vegetable to grow and provide good yields with multiple harvests. Although it is best grown during cooler periods, there are varieties, like Mizuna, which provide good harvest even in the hotter months and ideal for a country like Singapore.
How To Sprout Your Organic Seeds

How To Sprout Your Organic Seeds

There are many different methods to sprouting your seeds but we find using the damp cloth or paper tower to be the easiest and most effective. ...
Easy Organic Homemade Pesticide Recipe

Easy Organic Homemade Pesticide Recipe

If you are growing edibles in your indoor or outdoor garden, be careful what kind of pesticide control product you use. By using chemical pesticides in your garden, you are intentionally releasing cancer-producing and toxic substances into our environment. In this article, I share an organic, home-made pesticide control recipe you can create using natural products that are easily available and safe to use on your plants.