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Grow microgreens that are ready to be harvested and eaten in 5-7 days in your own home or office. Microgreens are the easiest edibles to grow in Singapore. We guarantee 99% germination rate for our certified organic, GMO-Free, Non-Hybrid Microgreen seeds.

Join the urban farming revolution and grow your own super nutritious greens, in the form of Microgreens, today!

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Your microgreens are so easy to grow.  I think everyone should start growing them. It is easy, healthy and cheap! No need for farmland - just a place by the window. It is GMO-free and delicious to top it all.

Ruqxana, Founder & Food Sorceress, Cookery Magic Singapore

I don't have 'green fingers' but your starter kit came with great instructions and had everything I needed in it. My seeds started sprouting after 2 days!

Su Ling, Legal Professional


Join the millions of urban farmers who grow in their own homes

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The Importance of Stacking & Weight During Germination - Video

The Importance of Stacking & Weight During Germination - Video

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An Urban Farm In The East Coast of Singapore

An Urban Farm In The East Coast of Singapore

One of the great joys of what we do at Everything Green is seeing our customers, who have never grown edibles, share their amazing stories with us on how successful they are at growing microgreens. A regular customer of our uses our microgreen seeds to grow them into the matured variety in his home garden. He recently invited me to tour his 'farm'.