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Looking for an eco-Friendly, Sustainable gift option? Give a gift that will help your customers grow. Our Microgreens Kits make it easy for anyone to grow their greens.

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Sustainable Gifts Your Clients Will Grow To Love!

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The gardening kits were well received and our guests liked them. Thanks for the support once again!

Sherby, UOB

Good customer service, product is reasonably priced as well. I purchased around 8 sets, 24 packets. Each set will have a box, so you can consider purchasing them as a christmas gift. If you buy in bulk, can also check with the seller if they can help you customise the message. Delivery took around 2 days, so it was pretty quick as well. Overall good experience and fuss free!

Ying Ying, review left on Google

Love the seed quality! My microgreens are growing really well. Sakina is also very knowledgeable and helped answer my questions after purchasing the seeds. Would definitely purchase again!

Shobana, R, Review left on Google

Honest, responsive, efficient, and reliable. The seeds are of brilliant quality and never failed to sprout! Thankful to learn to grow microgreens from Sakina through her informative workshops. She'd always go the extra mile with her patience and guidance. Highly recommended!

Melissa Tawin

Your microgreens are so easy to grow.  I think everyone should start growing them. It is easy, healthy and cheap! No need for farmland - just a place by the window. It is GMO-free and delicious to top it all.

Ruqxana, Founder & Food Sorceress, Cookery Magic Singapore

Everything Green is the best source of seeds in Singapore. They are very competitively priced and don't skimp on quality at all. After using their seeds for a considerable amount of time, I can say that the germination rates are absolutely excellent! I would also highly recommend their Microgreens beginner classes that really inspired me to start growing at home!

Mark Nathan

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Growing Broccoli Microgreens on a Coco Mat: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How To Grow Cilantro Or Coriander At Home

How To Grow Cilantro Or Coriander At Home

Coriander or cilantro is one of our top selling organic, GMO-free seeds. It is afavourite herb for topping many dishes. You can grow these microgreens into the matured green with our seeds too.