The Everything Green Story

Hi there, my name is Sakina and I am the founder of Everything Green. I started Everything Green with the goal of helping you turn a small part of your home or office into an edible garden space - be it your balcony, window sill, or rooftop. I focus on growing microgreens in containers.

When I first started growing, I made mistakes. I bought fancy equipment and spent money on things I didn't need. Before long, I realised none of the expensive things I bought were necessary. I think there is a need to demystify container growing and break it down into simple steps. All you really need is a good growing medium and seeds.

Container gardening is ideal for Singaporeans since 80% of our population live in vertical homes without a garden. I started my own microgreens garden growing in containers in the balcony of my home and now I have a balcony of fresh, nutritious microgreens ready for harvest whenever I need them. I have also grown many of my microgreens into their full vegetable forms in containers. 

Microgreens are really easy to grow and within a few days, you'll have fresh, flavourful, nutritious greens which you can harvest when you need. That really is the aim - grow your own microgreens and eat them when you want.

Growing plants isn't about having a green thumb! It takes some practice, just like cooking, but once you get the hang of it, it can be addictive! I am always happy to guide you through this. If you have any questions or concerns, just drop me a message on WhatsApp or an email. I'll do my best to respond within the hour.

So please, join me in my mission to make Singapore an urban microgreens garden. 

Microgreen Seeds

We offer the largest variety of microgreens seeds in Singapore. All the seeds we source are:

- organic

- pure, non-hybrid

- without any genetic modifications (GMO-free)

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