Guide To Growing Your Microgreens

Red Cabbage Microgreen by Everything Green

Microgreens are another name for any edible plant that is harvested and eaten at the seedling stage.

Singapore, with its humid and sunny weather, presents a perfect climate for growing micro greens year round. All you need is good light with adequate moisture to grow a whole range of wonderful flavours in just a week or two. Almost all the microgreens we offer are not available in supermarkets here.

Here's a step-by-step guide to growing your microgreens.

Materials Required (Our Starter Kit has all the necessary materials to get you going)

Step 1

If you are sowing large seeds like peas or sunflower, you might want to soak them overnight (although this is not necessary).

Fill your tray to the top with the potting mix. 

Step 2

Depending on what you are sowing, spread the seeds evenly and thinly across the potting mix. For tiny seeds like Amaranth, Basil, Broccoli, or Mustard, you might want to use a recycled herb bottle as a seed sprinkler (this helps spread the seeds evenly). Press the seeds into the potting mix.

Step 3

Spray the seeds with water to keep them moist and from dislodging. Cover your tray from light by placing it in a box or covering it until germination occurs. Depending on the seeds, germination could take anything from 2-5 days. Please refer to our seed page for germination times for the seed you are sowing. 

Covering your tray is important for the germination process. Check your tray daily and spray water if the potting mix and seeds look dry. 

Step 4

Once your seeds have germinated, place them in an area with good natural light (direct sunlight should be capped to between 2-3 hours a day). Spray your microgreens once or twice a day, ensuring that your potting mix remains moist at all times.

Harvest times depends on the type of microgreens you are growing. To harvest, simply use a pair of scissors and snip about 1 cm above the soil.


Make sure your seeds are sowed evenly and thinly for good germination


Cilantro Coriander Microgreen by Everything Green Singapore

This tray of microgreens is ready to be harvested.