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Coco Grow Mats For Microgreens
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Coco Grow Mats For Microgreens
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Coco Grow Mats For Microgreens
Coco Grow Mats For Microgreens

Coco Grow Mats For Microgreens

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25x25cm, 800gsm thickness.

Coco Mats are a great alternative to a soil-free growing medium for Microgreens. Our biodegradable coco mats are made from coconut husks, and compact for optimum sowing. At 800 gsm compression, it provides an ideal thickness for the radicals to grow into.

Most microgreens seeds such as broccoli, arugula, kale, mustard, peas, wheatgrass grow very well hydroponically on this medium. There are exceptions, however. Seeds such as sunflower, Swiss chard and spinach, do better on soil.

Watch our video for some pointers and how to grow your microgreens on coco mats. 

Using coco mats to grow microgreens has many benefits.

Benefits for Growers:

  • Made from natural plant fibers

  • Ready to plant, no pre-treatment required

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

Benefits for Plants:

  • Holds the optimal amount of water & air

  • Roots are stabilised

  • Natural coco coir grow mats are easy to use and great for seed starter trays and microgreens, each grow mat is 25 x 25cm
  • Natural plant growing medium more effective than loose mulch at protecting plants
  • Lightweight and easy to handle coco coir grow mats can be easily cut to fit any size application and are designed to lay underneath baskets, slabs and cubes
  • Coconut fiber grow mats maintain moisture in the hydroponic tray between flood cycles and protect plants from drying out


  • Soak the coco mat for 1/2 hour.
  • remove from water and make sure it is saturated.
  • Seeding: Sow the seeds across the top, aiming for a ratio of roughly 10 seeds per square inch with smaller seeds and about half of that with larger ones.
  • Mist the seeds uniformly: Large seeds are more challenging to grow in stabilized media. Make sure the entire seed stays moist.
  • Cover the mat for the black out period.
  • Microgreens germinate easily with the right humidity. To achieve this humidity you can cover the seeds or you can make sure to put them in a room with the right humidity. Take the cover off as soon as you see that the seeds have germinated. 
  • Keep the growing medium moist until harvest.

*Please follow our instructions on seed germination time for each variety of seed.



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