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Broccoli Organic Microgreens & Sprouting Seeds
singapore gmo-free broccoli microgreen

Broccoli Organic Microgreens & Sprouting Seeds

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Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated. Grow them either as microgreens or sprouts. 

Broccoli sprouts and microgreens have 40 times more sulforaphane (a natural plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables which researchers have found help fight certain cancers) than broccoli florets. Grow them as microgreens or sprout them. 



GROWING MEDIUM : Coco peat, Coco Mat

FLAVOUR : Strong broccoli flavour.

DETAILS: If youre a fan of broccoli, youre going to love the fresh flavour broccoli microgreens bring to the table. Even kids will ask for seconds. Beyond great taste, broccoli microgreen’s claim to fame is they contain 10 times or more sulforaphane than the mature florets. Sufloraphane is a potent detoxifying compound that helps protect against certain cancers. 


Coco Peat: Fill potting mix (coco peat + perlite) in a container and spread seeds on the mix surface. Spread seeds generously across the tray and spray water to make the mix moist and prevent seeds from dislodging. Cover the seeds for 2-3 days or when seeds start to germinate. Expose the plant to light after germination occurs and water regularly, keeping the mix moist. Harvest in around 5-7 days.

Or watch our video here.

Coco Mat: Soak in water so the mat is moist. Lay on a flat tray and sow your seeds evenly on mat. Be careful not to over seed as this may cause your seeds to rot because of over crowding. Spray water again on seeds so both mat and seeds are moist. Place the mat in a dark area like a shoe box to allow it to germinate. You can also watch our video here

GERMINATION PERIOD: 2-4 days after sowing

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: 6-8 days after germination. If you prefer a milder flavour, let the crop grow to true leaf stage before harvesting. To harvest, use a pair of scissors and harvest just above the potting medium.


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