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Starter Kit: Microgreens Radish Grow Bag - Single Purchase

Starter Kit: Microgreens Radish Grow Bag - Single Purchase

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Our Microgreens Grow Bag is compact and contains everything you need to get you started. Just unseal, spray water, sow the seeds, and watch your microgreens grow. It's really that simple! Check out the video below on how to grow. Please contact us at 96656830 for bulk or corporate orders.

Get started by selecting one of our radish varieties below. Radish microgreens taste just like radish with a more intense flavour. Works well in salads, sandwiches, and wraps that require a notch up in spice!

China Rose Radish - Beautiful pink stems with greens leaves

Daikon Radish - White stems with bright green leaves.

Sango Radish - Purple stems and dark purple leaves.

Each Microgreens Grow Bag contains our specially formulated potting mix and a pack of seeds. 





1. Unseal pack and remove seed pack.

2. Level potting mix. To do this, tap the pack on a flat surface until the potting mix is level.

3. Spray water on to potting mix. Ensure potting mix is moistened well.

4. Sprinkle seeds evenly onto the surface of the potting mix. Spray water again to moisten the seeds and to ensure the seeds are lodged onto the potting mix.

5. Partly seal the Grow Bag and keep aside for 2 days to allow for germination. Do not open or spray water during this period.

6. After 2 days, open the Grow Bag. Seeds would have germinated (if not, leave for another day). Snip the top off at the indicated perforated line. Place the Grow Bag in an area with natural light and spray daily with water.

7. Your microgreens will be ready for harvesting in 3-5 days.

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: 3-5 days after germination. To harvest, use a pair of scissors and cut just above the potting medium.  


Please use within 1 month of purchase. If storing for later use, we recommend removing the seed pack and storing it in a cool environment. 


Delivery is free via private courier service for all orders above S$60. For orders below S$60, a standard delivery fee of S$6 will apply.  Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

For bulk or large orders, there will be a delivery fee starting from S$60.