Basil (Red Nina) Seeds ~ 50 seeds
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Basil (Red Nina) Seeds ~ 50 seeds
Basil (Red Nina) Seeds ~ 50 seeds
Buy Organic Basil Microgreen Seeds in Singapore

Basil (Red Nina) Seeds ~ 50 seeds

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Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated.

Grow these as microgreens or into the actual basil plant. This purple variety offers the signature basil flavour. However, do not that:

- lack of direct sunlight could cause the purple leaves to fade into green.

- in our hot and humid climate, it's quite normal for 'artificial' cultivars to revert to their original colour. Some varieties are more likely to revert than others.

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FLAVOUR : Like the actual basil herb. 

DETAILS: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, improves heart function.

GERMINATION PERIOD: 3-4 days after sowing

**Note: This seed varies widely in colour, please be aware that the percentages of green and purple vary from lot to lot and is in no way consistent.**


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