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organic, gmo free onion seeds, singapore

Onion Chives Seeds Sprouts Pack

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Our onion chives produce thin, tall, stalks. Beautiful onion, robust, in flavour. Grow them, harvest, and keep watering. They'll continue to grow!

Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated. Grow them either as microgreens or sprouts. 




FLAVOUR : Strong, robust flavour. 

DETAILS: Similar in flavour to the matured variety. This microgreen requires patience in growing. Takes between 3-4 weeks to grow. 

MICROGREEN SOWING METHOD: Sow seeds in flats. Seeds need darkness to germinate. Cover seed trays or pots with a thin layer of soil to aid in germination. Seeds should germinate in about 14 days.  After germination, as seedlings begin to grow, remove the covering and place the seedlings under a fluorescent light or in a bright window. Let them grow on until they are 4 to 6 inches tall and ready for harvesting or transplanting.

GERMINATION PERIOD: 10-15 days after sowing.

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: Cut leaves with garden scissors or sharp knife. Cut the outer leaves first. Harvest from the base of leaves to avoid plants with cut tops. Leave about 2 inches of leaf blade above the soil in order for the leaves to regrow. Always leave some top growth on the clumps to preserve the strength of the bulbs.


If storing for later use, we recommend refrigerating your seeds in an air tight container. 


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