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6-Pack Microgreens Box Set
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6-Pack Microgreens Box Set

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Eat right, look great! Our 6-Pack Microgreens Box Set may not quite grant you the 6-pack mid-section you desire (because truly, that requires a lot more work!), but it does give you the variety you'll want for your everyday salad mix or to just toss onto your noodles, fried rice, or sandwich. 

Each 6-Pack Microgreens Box Set contains 6 packs of the following varieties:

- Kale Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Broccoli Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Pak Choi Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Mizuna Mustard Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Amaranth Red Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Yellow Pea Microgreen Seed Pack (30g)

Each box will also include our easy to follow guide on how to grow microgreens. 

Free shipping anywhere in Singapore.

Note: Varieties may change, depending on availability of seeds.