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Microgreens Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Get You Started

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Our Microgreen Starter Kit just became environmentally friendly! Not only do you receive 2 packs of organic, GMO-free microgreen seeds, you will now grow your microgreens in our 100% recyclable & organically produced coir tray made from the outer husk fiber of coconuts. Now, you can present your greens and eat it too!

What You'll Get

2 x microgreen seed packs of our choice (up to 4 sowings using our new coir tray)

1 x coir tray (biodegradable & environmentally friendly)

1 x soil-less potting mix bag (pesticide free)

1 x instruction sheet

Our nutritious, easy-to-grow organic microgreen seeds will prep up your salad or act as a garnish for your dishes in just 8-10 days.