Lollo Blonde Lettuce
Lollo Blonde Lettuce

Lollo Blonde Lettuce

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Approximately 100 seeds per pack.

This Italian sister lettuce of Lollo Rossa is refreshingly crisp with a perfect round head of frilly leaves. Harvest the singular leaves as you need them or in its entirety. Holds well in warm climate. 

Growing Lollo Lettuce

- Sow seeds directly in your garden patch or in seedling starters.

- If sowing directly in your garden patch, create a row and sow seeds about 0.5cm deep. Cover with a thin layer of soil. 

- Use well-draining soil for growing - a good potting soil mixed with sand is a good start. 

- Germination takes 3-5 days. Thin extra seedlings once plant starts to grow as overcrowding can lead to root rot. 

- Fertilise with organic fertiliser like vermicompost or meal bone after seedling stage to promote growth.

- Harvest after 50-60 days. 

- To harvest, pick outer leaves allowing new centre leaves to continue growing. This lettuce can also be harvested whole. 

Seed Type: Non-GMO, non-treated

Always place your unused seeds in an air tight container and store in a cool, dry place like the chiller section of your refrigerator.


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