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Leek Organic Microgreens & Sprouting Seeds NEW!

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Leek microgreens are closely related to garlic, onions, shallots, and scallions and their nutrient profile contains over 80 nutrients! The most powerful nutrient in Leeks is kaempferol, a flavonol that may help fight cancer!

This microgreen is hugely popular with chefs due to the mild onion flavor and visual appeal they bring to any dish. 

Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated. Grow them either as microgreens or sprouts. 

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GROWING MEDIUM : Potting Mix or hemp mat

FLAVOUR : Mild onion-like flavor with a tiny hint of cucumber.

DETAILS: Similar in flavour to the matured variety. This microgreen requires patience in growing. Takes between 2-3 weeks to grow. 

MICROGREEN SOWING METHOD: Fill potting mix (coco peat + perlite) in a container and flatten mix so it is even. Spread seeds across the tray and spray water to make the mix moist and prevent seeds from dislodging. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of potting mix to ensure darkness. Place the tray in darkness for 5-8 days or when seeds start to germinate. Expose the plant to light after germination occurs and water regularly. 

GERMINATION PERIOD: 5-8 days after sowing.

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: To harvest, use a pair of scissors and cut just above the potting medium. Allow to grow for 15-20 days after germination.


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