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Swiss Chard Rainbow Mix Microgreens Seeds

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A vibrant mix of red and yellow stems with green leaves make up this beautiful Swiss Chard mix made using 3 different varieties. Use this mix as a garnish for any salad or grilled dish to enhance your presentation. Check out our video on how to sow and germinate your Swiss Chard microgreens below. 

Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated.




FLAVOUR : Beets Flavour

DETAILS: Swiss Chard is in the same plant family as Beets. Swiss Chard contains high levels of vitamins C, K, E, beta-carotene and the minerals manganese and zinc.

Soak the seeds for 4-8 hours.

SOWING METHOD: Pat soaked seeds dry with a paper towel. Fill potting mix (coco peat + perlite) in a container. Spray potting mix with water so the mix is moist right through. Spread seeds evenly on the potting mix surface. Spray water on the seeds to prevent seeds from dislodging. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of potting mix and place away from light for 3 days or when seeds start to germinate. Expose the plant to light after germination occurs and water regularly, keeping the mix moist. Harvest when the shoots are about 2-3 inches in height. Keep exposure to direct sunlight to 2 hours at the most. 

GERMINATION PERIOD: 3-4 days after sowing

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: 7-9 days after germination. To harvest, use a pair of scissors and cut just above the potting medium.


If storing for later use, we recommend refrigerating your seeds in an air tight container. 


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