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Nasturtium Seeds (Empress of India)
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Nasturtium Seeds (Empress of India)

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Each pack comes with 30 grams of seeds.

An easy to grow edible microgreen or plant. In the microgreen stage, their leaves produce a peppery flavour. Also grown into the matured plant for its beautiful edible flowers.

Germination may take 1-2 weeks so keep the soil moist after sowing.

How To Grow

  1. Soak seeds in warm water for 6-8 hours
  2. Fill planter or cell tray with good quality compost mix - one that drains well. Moisten soil.
  3. Sow seeds into soil making sure the seeds are spread and not too close together. Spray water on seeds.
  4. Cover seeds with a layer of soil mix and set aside for 1-2 weeks to germinate.

Keep seeds refrigerated in an airtight container when not in use.

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SEED PRE SOAK : Yes - overnight

GROWING MEDIUM : Gold quality compost soil


FLAVOUR : Nasturtium leaves product a peppery flavour and is great for salads or garnish. When grown into the matured variety, the flowers are edible.


If storing for later use, we recommend refrigerating your seeds in an air tight container. 


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