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Red Spinach or Red Amaranth
Red Spinach or Red Amaranth

Red Spinach or Red Amaranth

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Red Amaranth 

offers delicious stems and leaves that can be eaten like spinach and is a healthy and nutritious grain. This is an edible that is easy to grow and is perfect for growing in Singapore's tropical climate. 

Growing Red Amaranth

- Amaranth seeds are very tiny. Sow seeds directly or in seedling starters. If sowing directly, sow about 10cm apart. 

- Use well-draining soil for growing - a good potting soil mixed with sand is a good start. 

- Germination is quick, you should see germination occur 3-5 days after sowing.

- Fertilise with organic fertiliser like vermicompost or meal bone after seedling stage to promote growth.

- Harvest after 30-45 days when stems are about 30-40cm tall with branch leaves. To harvest, either pick the leaves or pull the whole stem and root out. If the former, your spinach will continue to grow.

Seed Type: Non-GMO, non-treated


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