Why Grow Microgreens in Singapore?

how to plant microgreens, Growing sustainable urban farm at home in singapore

Microgreens, unlike the full grown vegetable versions of the same seeds, provides an avenue for the home grower in Singapore a much faster, sustainable, and least expensive way of growing and eating your own food. Image your kitchen window sill, balcony, or air well coming alive with trays lined with microgreens. 

Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing interest in local, fresh, and organic food in Singapore. There has been a movement towards clean, whole foods and people are rediscovering the importance of fresh, locally grown food. The government has been releasing small plots of land aimed at individuals interested in starting their very own urban farms with each release seeing record interest.

Growing your own microgreens gives you access to fresh, living greens with minimal investment in money, time, or previous knowledge. The little amount of space they require makes them a perfect fit for urban farmers and young families who don't have gardens.

Microgreens are packed with taste and can add incredible flavour to any Asian or Western cuisine, although the best way to enjoy them is to eat them alone as a salad.  

Aside from their taste and aesthetic appeal, microgreens are also extremely nutritious. The advantage of being able to harvest and eat them within minutes is truly beneficial because that's when they are in their most nutritionally rich state. Microgreens are packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, giving your body the benefits of their concentrated nutrients. 

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