The Nutritional Value of Microgreens Vs Sprouts

If you've been reading up on microgreens, you will know that compared to their mature vegetable form, consuming microgreens gives you anything from 10-400 times more nutritional value.

But what about eating them as sprouts? 

Sprouts and microgreens are often confused as being the same thing but in reality differ in look, taste, and the medium they are grown in.

Sprouts are the first stage of growth from seeds. Because they are grown in a dark, damp, environment, they are mostly pale looking. Depending on the seed, sprouts are harvested in 2-5 days. They are fresh and crunchy, eaten whole (root, stem, and seed). However, sprouts don't quite pack a punch, both in flavour and in visual appeal.

Microgreens are grown up to the cotyledon stage or when the first seed leaves appear. This usually takes between 7-14 days, depending on the variety of seeds. Unlike sprouts, microgreens are grown in a non-water medium and require sunlight. Microgreens are a favourite amongst chefs because they are packed with flavour and come in different shapes and colours. 

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From a nutritional perspective, research shows there is little difference between the two for most variety of seeds.

Hardcore microgreen growers will say otherwise citing higher fiber content, higher nutrients from photosynthesis process, and nutrients derived from soil. 

Whichever your preferred method of growing, the important thing is to use and consume good, organic, GMO-free seeds.




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