Something Special For Someone Special This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, we have curated a special selection of items, all of which are environmentally friendly, and most importantly, created by mothers. And we have something to fit every budget!

Bento Box Carrier

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Our Bento Box carrier is designed based on the Japanese form of wrapping called Tenugui but using recycled Batik material. Each piece is hand sewn using left over Batik material. The base is lined with padding to support carrying a hot dish. 

So let mum carry her dish at her next potluck in style or get heads to turn around when mum carries her her lunch to work in her new Bento Box Carrier! But wait! This is not meant to just carry food. Our environmentally friendly Bento Box Carrier is good for carrying just about anything - from gardening tools to food items.

Each Bento Box Carrier is 45 x 45 cm in size.

S$34.90 each.

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Start Mum Growing Her Own Microgreens

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Growing your very own organic, GMO-free, greens! And mum can. With our compact Microgreens Grow Tray, mum will not only get into a new, healthy habit, but she'll be able to harvest her own greens when she wants to. Our Grow Tray comes with everything she'll need to get her going - 8 varieties of microgreen seed packs, 1kg of potting mix, and of course, the microgreens grow tray which comes with 8 small inserts.What's better than eating healthy greens?

S$78 each

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Asian-Inspired Soy Candles

Help mum relax and indulge her senses in luxury handmade soy candles. All our candles are specially formulated, designed, and hand poured in Singapore using Asian spices and herbs. So whether it's to help mum wind down from a busy day at work or home, or to help her revitalise, our environmentally friendly candles will help her burn away the blues.

Each candle is crafted using pure soy wax and naturally woven cotton wicks, then hand-poured into contemporary glass jars making them the perfect addition to any room. 

S$50 each

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