How To Pamper Your Seeds So They Last Longer

Microgreen seeds are highly perishable if not stored correctly.

Singapore’s hot and humid conditions, coupled with poor storage conditions, could mean that your seeds may develop mould which could spread to your entire crop.  

Commercial microgreens growers will tell you, to grow successfully, your seeds need to maintain viability (which is the seeds’ ability to germinate) and vigor (which is a measure of the seeds’ strength and health). Vigor declines before viability. So even if a batch of seeds successfully germinates, the seedlings may not grow vigorously. 

The best conditions for storing seeds are in airtight containers in a cold, dry place such as a refrigerator or a wine fridge. If your purchased packs do not come sealed, it is advisable to transfer them to airtight glass jars (such as the ones sold in Ikea) before refrigerating them. Label your jars with the seed type and the date of purchase. 

Most of the seed variety you purchase from our store will last you for at least 2 years if stored correctly.


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