Reuse Your Plastic Containers To Grow Microgreens

The next time you buy your fruit from the supermarket, don't discard the plastic containers they come in. Microgreens grow well in them, especially if they are flat and wide. I like repurposing the containers used for berries. These are small, not too deep, 10 x 10 cm containers, and are perfect to grow a small batch of microgreens. 


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Here's how you can prepare your recycled containers for growing your microgreens:

  • Snip off the lids and punch holes at the bottom of the container.
  • Label the container with the name of the seed and the planting date.
  • Fill the container to the top with potting mix and use the lid to flatten and even the mix. Moisten the mix through with water by spraying it. 
  • Sow the appropriate amount of seeds for the size of the container, and lay the seeds evenly and thinly on the mix. Lightly spray water on the seeds to ensure they don't get dislodged.
  • Cover the top of the container and leave aside, away from light, for 2-3 days to allow the seeds to germinate.
  • Uncover when the seeds have germinated, spray the medium with water, and place them in an area with natural light (preferably not direct sunlight). Water once or twice a day for the next few days until your microgreens are ready to be harvested.

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Tip 1: If you're the busy executive and find watering your microgreens a challenge, do the bottom watering technique. Place your container over another container lined with paper towel. Pour water onto the paper towel in the mornings. This should be enough to give your microgreens the bottom watering it needs for the day.

Tip 2: If you have harvested your microgreens but are not ready to eat them, store them in a sealed bag or container and refrigerate. Your microgreens will last for at least a week if stored this way.

If you are planning to re-use your plastic containers after harvesting your first batch, make sure your clean your containers thoroughly before re-suing them.

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