Friday Growing Tips: How To Grow Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are one of the easiest greens to grow, even in a country as warm and humid as Singapore. We offer 3 varieties - Sweet PeasYellow Peas, and Green Peas.
The important thing to remember when growing pea shoots in Singapore is to keep your potting medium moist and to ensure your pea shoots get no more than 2-3 hours of morning sun. Beyond that, keep your tray/pot in a shaded spot.
Pea shoots make a great addition to any salad or act as a wonderful garnish on any dish.
We have created a video as well to show you how to grow your pea shoots. You can watch that and videos on how to grow other varieties of microgreen seeds here.
harvesting pea shoots
Growing Your Pea Shoots
  • Use GMO-free pea seeds
  • Soak your seeds for a minimum of 4-5 hours in a container with tap water. This process helps to soften the outer shell and allows the peas to germinate faster. Ensure that the water in your container is double the amount of peas. You will need the extra water because the peas will double in size after a couple of hours.
  • Prepare your potting tray by filling it up to the top with a soil-less potting mix. Use a shallow tray because you don't need the roots to grow deep. Use your hand to even out the mix on the tray. Spray water to moisten your potting mix.
  • Remove the soaked seeds from water, spread across your tray, lightly pushing the seeds down (but do not cover) so they are firmly lodged onto the mix. This will help the roots to dig into the mix. Spray the seeds with water.
  • Cover the tray or place in a shoe box for 3 days. We call this the black-out period. This is an important step in the germination process.
  • After 3 days, your seeds would have germinated. Remove the cover and place the tray in natural light.
  • Keep your potting mix moist by watering once or twice a day. Your pea shoots will be ready for harvesting in 7-10 days.

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The above images show the difference in size when peas are soaked in water. 

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The tray above shows 2 variety of seeds - Sweet Peas & Yellow Peas

Spread the peas out evenly across your tray and push the peas into the mix without burying them. Give the peas and mix a good spray of water to keep them moist and then cover or place them in a dark area for 3 days for the black out period.



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