Soaking Microgreen Seeds Before Planting

Should you soak your microgreen seeds before sowing? That really depends on what variety of seed you are planting. 

While pre-soaking seeds is not a requirement, there are some varieties of microgreen seeds that will grow easier when the outer shell surrounding the seed is softened with pre-soaking.  When seeds are pre-soaked, there is a quicker germination time and more even growth of stems and first leaves.

Tiny seeds like that of Red Garnet or Amaranth, Broccoli, Mustard, and Kale generally don't require soaking. Also, seeds that turn mucilaginous, such as Basil, should never be soaked. This is because when in contact with water, they will swell up into gelatinous pearls which tend to stick together like clumps if sowed too closely together.

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Below is a table that lists the seeds we offer and if they require pre-soaking.

Seed Type Soaking Requirement  Soaking Period
Alfalfa Seeds No NA
Amaranth Red Seeds No NA
Arugula or Rocket Seeds No NA
Broccoli Rabe Seeds No NA
Cabbage Red Seeds No NA
Cilantro or Coriander Seeds Yes Overnight
Daikon Radish Seeds No NA
Fenugreek Seeds Yes Min 4 hours or overnight
Basil seeds No NA
Green Pea Seeds Yes Overnight
Kale Seeds No NA
Kohl Rabi Seeds No NA
Mustard Seeds No NA
Pak Choi No NA
Speckled Pea Seeds Yes Overnight
Spinach Seeds Yes 4-5 hours
Sunflower Seeds Yes Overnight
Swiss Chard or Silver Beet Seeds Yes 4-5 hours
Yellow Pea Seeds Yes Overnight



  • What about wheat grass? Soak?

    Clayton Crowe
  • French chervil are small seeds, so they don’t require soaking.

    Sakina Dhilawala
  • What about French chervil?

    Clayton Crowe

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