An Urban Farm In The East Coast of Singapore

One of the great joys of what we do at Everything Green is seeing our customers, who have never grown edibles, share their amazing stories with us on how successful they are at growing microgreens. 

One such person is Edward. A regular customer, Edward uses our microgreen seeds to grow them into the matured variety in his home garden. He recently invited me to tour his 'farm'. I was truly impressed with the variety of vegetables and herbs he has grown. Edward says he hardly ever gets his vegetables from the market. Why would he when he has everything he needs in his garden? 

Edward grows his vegetables largely in raised beds and several scaffolds for creepers such as long beans.  

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Our Rocket or Arugula seeds grown into salad leaves
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Baby Spinach
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Kale which has been harvested several times
long beans, urban farm singapore, seeds, french beans, everything green
A never ending supply of long beans!
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Rosemary, thyme, basil, and other herbs
Edward was kind enough to share his harvest with me. Dinner is taken care of :)



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