5 Ways To Beat Global Warming Through Urban Farming

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Imagine a world without chocolate. That’s grim, right? That’s what we could be facing if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees. This is according to the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) in an eye-opening report released earlier this week.

This scenario, along with others, like the disappearance of entire nations due to rising sea levels, could become a reality if we don’t start making simple lifestyle changes to stop climate change.

Here are 5 things you can do in urban farming to help our environment.

1. Become an urban farmer, turn your garden into an edible garden

Even a small edible garden has the potential to impact the global crisis of climate change. Food you grow and harvest in your own home means fewer food miles and food shipped in from overseas. 

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Mint is easy to grow in Singapore 

2. Stop using chemicals on your plants

"If you don't want it in your body, stop putting it in your food". That's the truth of the matter. Chemicals disturb the balance of the eco-system in your soil.

3. Use cover cropping to improve your soil

If you are growing your vegetables on the ground instead of a pot, grow plants between the vegetables. They help improve and protect your soil. Legumes such as alfalfa, peas, sunflower, clover, are great in helping to fertilise the soil. Cover cropping also prevents the growth of weeds.

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Cover cropping with clover, alfalfa, peas, is a great way to improve soil

4. Plant the right crops

It's great that we want to give a go at planting strawberries. But the reality is, we just don't have the right climate for it. So grow crops that will provide plentiful harvest like Bak Choy.

5. Grow Microgreens :)

If you are yearning to grow edibles that will probably never see fruit, grow them in the form of microgreens. We may not have the right climate to grow many types of vegetables but we certainly have the right climate for growing them in the form of microgreens. Besides, it takes up so little space, provides you with a harvest just 7 days, and is full of nutritional value. 

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