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Mild Mix Microgreens Seed Pack - Good For 3-4 Sowings

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1 pack contains 15 grams of seeds, good for 3-4 sowings (based on our planting tray which measures 19cm x 12 cm x 4cm LxWxH).

Our seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and non-treated. Grow them either as microgreens or sprouts. 

This blend of mildly flavoured microgreens has been specially selected to offer an even yield. Mostly green with a touch of red. 

Varieties are subject to change depending upon availability

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FLAVOUR: Mild, tasty, great for adding to sandwiches, salads, or as topping on soup, noodles, & fried rice.

MICROGREEN SOWING METHOD: Fill good quality potting mix in a shallow container with good drainage. Flatten medium surface. Spread seeds evenly on the mix surface using a herb or salt shaker. Do not overcrowd seeds. Water to make the mix moist and prevent seeds from dislodging. Cover the seeds for 2-3 days or when seeds start to germinate. Spray water regularly during the covered period if the mix starts to look dry.

WATERING: Bottom water or mist to prevent sowing mix from splashing on the seedlings. Maintain even moisture and do not allow potting mix to dry out.

GERMINATION PERIOD: 2-3 days after sowing.

HARVEST TIME & METHOD: 8-10 days after germination. To harvest, use a pair of scissors and harvest just above the potting medium.