hydroponic microgreens growing mat pad felt rockwool buy singapore
hydroponic microgreens growing mat pad felt rockwool buy singapore

Felt Hydroponic Growing Mats For Microgreens

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Felt growing mats are an alternative way to grow your microgreens. This lightweight bio-based textile absorbs and retains water while providing an ideal environment for dense, healthy root development. It's 185 gsm thickness provides it with the ideal thickness for growing microgreens.

Benefits for Growers:

  • Ready to plant, no pre-treatment required

  • Customise your width and length

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

Benefits for Plants:

  • Holds the optimal amount of water

  • Roots are supported

  • pH balanced

Directions for Use:

  • Moisten felt pad by misting or dipping in water (let excess water drain)
  • Sprinkle seeds evenly onto mat and spray water onto seeds
  • Place in dark area to germinate (see seed product page for black out period)
  • Felt pad works best when not over watered. The amount of water will depend on the system used. The felt must be kept moist, not saturated and water level must not be higher then the top of medium. 

Sold in a Pack of 10 pieces in 25cm x 25cm size. FREE shipping within Singapore.

Just cut into your preferred size to fit your container/planter. Sprinkle seeds on mat and spray water to keep the mat moist. Microgreens get their nutrients from the seeds so growing on this medium does not require the use of fertilisers. 

*Please follow our instructions on seed germination time for each variety of seed.