Online Workshop August 29 - Learn How To Grow Your Own Microgreens


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Urban Farming: Learn To Grow Your Own Microgreens 

Because of COVID-19, we have moved our public workshops online. Details of our next workshop is below. Our online workshop is open to anyone - even if you are not living in Singapore! If you are looking to grow microgreens at home for your own consumption, then this workshop is for you!


Date: Saturday, August 29, 2020  

Time: 10.00 am (Singapore time)

Price: S$10 per participant

Registration closes August 25

You will receive a link with instructions once we receive your payment. To sign up, click HERE.

Urban Farming: Learn To Grow Your Own Microgreens 

If you are new to microgreens and keen to learn more about them and how to grow them easily in Singapore's climate, then this online workshop is for you. 

You will learn how to grow microgreens from sowing to harvesting. In this online workshop you will learn the basics of how to grow microgreens:

i. What is the difference between sprouts & microgreens
ii. What best medium to use
iii. How to grow them:

- should you soak your seeds and for how long, how much to sow, what medium should you use, how do you know when they have germinated, how do you know when to expose them to light
iv. Equipment required for growing microgreens for the home grower

v. How to troubleshoot common problems when growing microgreens

vi. When and how to harvest your microgreens

BOOK EARLY - LIMITED seats for this workshop.

What others are saying about our workshop:

"I would highly recommend Sakina’s microgreens workshop.

Her workshops are extremely informative and hands-on, making it enjoyable and memorable. Whether you are experienced growing microgreens or a complete newbie at it, her workshop can be really useful.

Sakina is also a great teacher. Patient and really personable, I found it super easy to approach her with any questions I have.

Compared to the other microgreen workshops I’ve been to, this workshop is by far the best in terms of quality. The duration of the workshop and the knowledge you take away from the workshop also makes it super worth the money and I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks Sakina!" - Benn Phua

"Attended a class conducted by Sakina and learnt useful information and tips on how to grow microgreens! Able to grow them at home successfully and enjoy eating them, especially the wasabi mustard. Yummy organic super food microgreens!" - Rohaida Kasmani

No refunds will be issued for no shows.