This CNY, Get Creative With Your Yusheng!

With our special offer Yusheng Microgreens Box Set, you'll have the perfect varieties of microgreens to grow, harvest and add to your Yusheng for a mouth-watering difference! Get this special offer box set and Lo Hei to a healthy start to the New Year! 

Packed with flavour and colour, microgreens are tiny vegetables and herbs grown up to the seed leaf stage or when they are between 4-7cm in height. And because they are harvested at such a young stage, they are filled with goodness and nutritional value which can be up to 40x their matured variety.

We have specially selected a range of Microgreen seed packs to compliment your Yusheng. Each Yusheng Microgreens Box Set contains 6 packs of the following varieties:

- Kale Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Broccoli Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Pak Choi Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Mizuna Mustard Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Amaranth Red Microgreen Seed Pack (15g)

- Yellow Pea Microgreen Seed Pack (30g)

So this Chinese New Year, add a dash of colour and taste to your Yusheng with healthy and nutritious microgreens! Get your Yusheng Microgreens Box Set here.

Free shipping in Singapore on all orders.

* In the event any of the above packs are unavailable, we will replace with equivalent varieties.

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