The Secret To Getting An Even Germination For Your Microgreens

One of the first things our customers notice (and its probably what attracts them to our stall) at bazaars is the full, even, and healthy yield of showcased microgreens trays. 

"How do you get it to grow so evenly?", we are almost always asked.

The secret is stacking your trays and adding weight to the top tray during germination. It is an important step and most commercial microgreen growers do this for an even yield. 

Why is this important? Well, it does 2 things:

  1. It keeps the seeds in contact with the soil
  2. It allows the seeds to stay moist during the germination process (for this to happen, you must ensure that you give your potting mix or medium a good spray of water before & after sowing your seeds)

What do I mean by stacking and adding weight? Well, whether you are planning to grow 1 or more trays of microgreens, you should stack your trays  and add weight (such as a book or wooden slab or anything heavy) on the top tray.  

In the image below (image 1), we see how professional growers stack their trays when growing pea shoots. They are stacked on top of each other and the top tray is empty and has a large piece of brick on it. 

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Image 1 - The importance of weight on trays during germination

In image 2 below, we see how the pea shoots germinated after the trays were uncovered from the black out period. We see nice, straight, strong stems and the tray will get a good, even yield.

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Image 2 - An even, good yield can be expected from this tray

In contrast, the image below (image 3) is a tray which was sowed at the same time but had no weight placed on it. The result was the peas were raised, the stems grew sideways, and the germination was uneven. This tray of pea shoots will still grow and get a decent crop but it's growth won't be as good as the tray in image 2.

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Image 3 - Pea Shoots without weight placed on it during germination

The example shown here is of pea shoots but this applies to all seeds in general. The stacking and placing weight on top method during germination will get you better yields. 


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