Going Green With Biodegradable Coir Planting Pots

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Coir pots are highly sustainable because they are made from the fibrous body of the coconut and bound together by natural latex, and they are a good alternative to plastic pots. There are so many advantages to growing your plants using coir planting pots.

Coir planting pots are biodegradable which makes it an excellent growing medium for plants because they can be transplanted whole without removing the coir pot. Coconut fibers are also packed with nutrients that encourage organic growth of your plants.

Using a coir pot also solves multiple problems encountered during the growing process:

  • Water Drainage: Coir pots are water-permeable meaning it allows good drainage which means your plants will never drown with too much watering. 
  • Root Ventilation: Allows roots to get continuous flow of air, unlike plastic. 
  • Great Seed Starter: 
  • Reduces root shock: Transplanting often results in damaged roots if not done correctly. With coir pots, overgrown plants can easily be repotted whole. The coconut coir is absorbed by the earth.

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